BVKER – Cheops Serum Bundle

BVKER - Cheops Serum Bundle
Serum is probably the most powerful softsynth you can get your hands on. It scores with an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface and offers nearly endless possibilities. Not without reason I haven’t released presets for any other VST yet. The Cheops Serum Bundle combines sounds taken from 6 different packs and is therefore suitable for a variety of genres, including Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, and Synthwave. It’s filled with a total of 428 mind-blowing presets and 188 bonus wavetables for Serum – perfect for everyone who doesn’t rely on loops or MIDI files to make great music. Grab your copy of the Cheops Serum Bundle now and say goodbye to weak preset packs! Contents 74 808s 61 Basses 69 Plucks 64 Keys 54 Leads 45 Pads 15 Bells 10 Instruments 27 FX 5 Arps 4 Drums Details 428 Presets 188 Wavetables