BVKER – Disputed Drill

NY and UK Drill are undeniably among the most popular styles of Hip Hop right now. Defined by long 808s, syncopated closed hat patterns, and delayed snares, the genre has stormed the industry. If you don’t want to miss out on this trend, get your copy of the Disputed Drill Sample Pack and spice up your production library right now! Heavy Drum Hits, Loops & Hat Patterns The Disputed Drill Sample Pack is filled with plenty of fresh drum hits and cymbals, that haven’t been overused by other industry producers yet. As a bonus, you’ll get a bunch of drum loops and closed hat MIDI patterns so you can get new ideas going quickly. Long, Boomin’ 808s These days, most sample packs contain short, punchy 808s. The problem? To make drill slides you need some boomin’ 808s with a LOOONG decay. For “Disputed” we came up with 10 brand-new drill 808s you’ll absolutely love – all tuned to C. Melodies, MIDIs, FX & More To round the pack off we included BPM + key-labeled melody loops with matching MIDI files and produced 20+ interesting FX sounds. All-in-all you’ll get everything you could possibly need to produce your next drill banger. What are you still waiting for? It’s time to take action! Contents 10 Drum Loops 12 Hi-Hat MIDIs 20 Hi-Hats & Cymbals 73 Drum One-Shots 21 Effect Sounds 13 Melodic Loops 8 Melodic MIDIs 11 Bass & 808 Hits
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