BVKER – Disrupted Phonk

BVKER - Disrupted Phonk

“Disrupted” is a collection of premium Phonk samples designed to provide everything you need to produce Drift Phonk beats. Whether you’re looking for hard-hitting drum shots, dirty cowbell samples, energetic melodies, or massive 808s, we got you covered!

Hard Trap Phonk Drums
Compared to typical trap beats, Phonk drums hit harder, dirtier, and sometimes include Old School Hip Hop samples. Based on these goals, we created a huge library of 300+ kicks, snares, claps, cymbals, and more. Certainly, we didn’t miss the chance to let our top beatmakers create some additional drum loops, ready to start new ideas quickly.

Cowbell Melody Loops & MIDIs
Next up, we sampled the legendary 808 cowbell and processed it in different ways aiming for a variety of different sound characteristics. The result includes BPM + key-labeled cowbell melody loops, matching MIDI files, and tuned one-shots you can use to create your own melodies from scratch.

Nasty, Low Phonk 808s
Last on the list is a massive collection of wall-shaking 808s, ready to impart your beats with a giant low end. With a total of 50 tuned one-shots, including shorter, longer, cleaner, and nastier ones, you’ll find the perfect sample for every situation! Rounding the pack off, you’ll get a bunch of effect samples and scratch fills to give your beats that final touch!


  • 10 Cowbell Melodies
  • 10 Cowbell MIDIs
  • 10 Cowbell One Shots
  • 50 Tuned 808s
  • 20 Drum Loops
  • 202 Drum Hits
  • 77 Hats & Cymbals
  • 6 Effect Sounds
  • 13 Scratch Fills


  • Genres: Phonk & Trap
  • License: Royalty-Free
  • Formats: .wav & .mid
  • Size: 240 MB
  • Files: 398

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