BVKER – Reticence Phonk Drum Kit + Melody Samples

BVKER - Reticence Phonk Drum Kit + Melody Samples
Let’s be honest: most trap sample packs sound pretty much the same. You get the same kicks, the same snares, and the same hats over and over again. So in order to interrupt this endless cycle, we made it our goal to create an innovative Phonk drum kit – filled with a variety of different drum shots you won’t find anywhere else. Hard Hitting Drums Phonk is known for heavily saturated, dirty drums. Therefore, we aimed to make every sample hit as hard as possible. The result is a unique Phonk drum kit, including 300+ mix-ready one-shots, such as kicks, claps, snares, random percussion sounds, and cymbals. Nasty 808s Once the drum library was done, we put our entire focus on 808s. While using more distortion than legally allowed we cooked up some of the gnarliest bass samples you ever heard in trap. To ensure a quick workflow they’ve all been bounced in C and divided into 3 main categories. Energetic Melodies As a bonus, we decided to further compose a bunch of energetic melody loops, based on the classic 808 cowbell. Tuned cowbell one-shots, matching MIDI files, drop hoovers and a full construction kit from the demo beat are certainly included as well. Contents 350 Drum Shots 40 Tuned Cowbells 30 Tuned 808s 11 Melodic Loops 11 Melodic MIDIs 10 Hoovers 1 Construction Kit