Cartel Loops Masterpiece Theory

Cartel Loops Masterpiece Theory

Cartel Loops presents Mastermind Theory. At a time when other labels are based on type sounds and duplicate patterns, we once again come out in front of the line!

Mastermind Theory is a collection of 30 high-quality WAV compositions. These samples were created with analog synths such as the Sequential Prophet 6, OB-6, Moog, & Mellotron, blended with sounds from popular VST’s (Kontakt, Omnisphere) and combined with Live Instrumentation and Vocals.

Cartel Loops samples are the go-to’s of many big-name producers and have been used in many songs by your favorite artists!


  • 30 WAV Compositions Files
  • Multi-Genre: Drill, Trap, Hip Hop, RnB & more
  • 100% Royalty-Free