Fracture Sounds – Tiny Music Box

Fracture Sounds - Tiny Music Box

The Tiny Music Box is equally powerful at creating delicate, twinkling melodies as it is at producing dark, creepy ambiances, thanks to the unique ‘age’ parameter. The ‘age’ function adds some subtle (or not so subtle) detuning, as well as processing the sound to create a darker timbre, perfect for horror scores.

The built-in ‘atmosphere’ layer adds a dreamy sustain to the music box. Not quite a reverb, not quite a pad – this layer was created with manipulated music box recordings, and blends perfectly with the dry samples to create lush, otherworldly tails. The volume and stereo width of the ‘atmosphere’ layer can be adjusted to your taste.


  • Intimately sampled metal music box
  • 4 round-robins
  • Custom ‘atmosphere’ layer
  • Unique ‘age’ control for creating a range of timbres
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Requires Kontakt 5.1 or above