Lil Gunnr – The Summrs OFFICIAL Vocal Preset

The Summrs OFFICIAL Vocal Preset (+ Plugin) Brought to you by Gunnr, Made by Summrs. FL Studio: The FL Studio Summrs vocal preset has 3 versions, the default version is a mixer track preset. It’s fully hands-on and fully customizable. The plugin version is our custom-made plugin that is made to make the process more fun and easier. It’s still customizable but limited to the essentials. The last version is a bundle where you can get both of them. ALL STOCK PLUGINS (Autotune isn’t included or required, but it is recommended! Use the autotune of your choice!) Please note that each version is sold separately. FL Studio is the only version that comes with the main and adlibs, Logic and Pro Tools are just main vocal preset.
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