Black Octopus Sound – Basement Freaks Presents Middle East Guitars

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Basement Freaks is back! This time we mark a new milestone as this is Basement Freaks 40th sample pack! INSANE! Welcome to Middle East Guitars by Basement Freaks!

The name says it all – Middle East Guitars is inspired by the Greek Rebetiko music of the 1930s, along with Gypsy Oriental Jazz, Folklore Psychedelia, and thrown in to the modern age with 808s and Bass Music Production styles. This library is filled with guitars and percussion performed by Basement Freaks himself. Living in the area and working with musicians far and wide; Basement Freaks knows the style by heart. Now, he is bringing you those exotic sounds straight to your studio!

Hand performed Acoustic Guitars, Cretan Lutes, Electric Guitars, Tzouras, Bouzouki, 808s, FX, and music loops, give you a plethora of sounds for all styles of music! Tempos range from 65-100 BPM and everything in-between.

Grab Middle East Guitars by Basement Freaks today, and turn those traditional sounds into modern productions!

Pack Content:

223 Total Sounds

10 Drum & FX Loops

21 Acoustic Guitar Loops

7 Bouzouki Loops

32 Cretan Lute Loops

9 EI. Guitar Loops

10 Music Loops

5 Rembetico Guitar Loops

41 Tzouras Loops

23 Percussion Loops

40 Guitar One Shots

25 Sound Effect One Shots