Ethnaudio – Breath of Anatolia

Microtonal Function;
Microtonal very important function for our vst instruments.Because these instruments has got a different tone tuning. You can play equal temperament,but if do you need different musical culture’s different scalings.You will need this function.You can tune your each one keys or notes each one octaves with our advenced octave tuning specification. Because Anatolian and Middle east musical cultures needs some times at different octaves, different tune edits. For example;Segah and Hüzzam more easly examples…. You can save your custom scale edits to your instruments,when switch on to Microtonal switch you can make edits persional scale edits and save to your favorite presets….. This function gives to notes -100,+100 cent.You can these with your Mouse directly and easly.You can see the these levels at left up side to keys….

EQ :
Equalize controllers; Low,Low mid,High mid,High(0-20dB) You can save your personal editings about EQ.

All instruments can controlling with reverb and delay or you can control with bypass.

Requires: Kontakt 5.6+

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