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Eventide plug-ins give you the ability to make your recordings evoke the sonic landscape of legendary albums and open the doors to the creation of new sounds never heard before. Our legacy plugins like the H910 Harmonizer and H3000 Factory recreate the iconic sounds used by top artists, engineers and producers such as Steve Vai, Tony Visconti, Dave Pensado, Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen, and many more. Ensemble is also packed with new, award-winning effects such as Blackhole, Tverb, Physion — unique tools not found anywhere else.

The Ensemble bundle includes emulations of legendary boxes plus classic EQs, compressors, dynamics processors, delays, reverbs, and pitch changers used by the best in the business.

Requires: Windows 8.1 or later

Format: AAX Native, VST, VST3

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Eventide Ensemble Plug-in Bundle XI Included Plug-ins:

  • Blackhole – Extraterrestrial reverb that creates virtual spaces that could never exist in the real world
  • Tverb – Unique virtual room reverb developed with legendary producer/engineer Tony Visconti
  • 2016 Stereo Room – Renowned reverb from Eventide’s classic SP2016 rackmount unit
  • MangledVerb – Good reverb breaking bad; blends reverb with distortion
  • UltraReverb – Modern reverb with 9 unique algorithms
  • UltraTap – Delay that lets you create drum fills, vocal choruses, swelling guitar chords, and more
  • EQ65 Filter Set – Includes high- and low-cut 18dB/octave filters, and 2 band-reject or bandpass filters with variable depth
  • EChannel – Includes a gate, compressor/limiter with sidechain, and 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric EQ
  • UltraChannel – Deluxe channel strip with user-configurable signal path, with a gate, de-esser, Omnipressor or compressor/limiter with sidechain, 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric EQ, stereo delays, and Harmonizer micro-pitch shifter
  • EQ45 – A faithful re-creation of the vintage analog 4-band parametric equalizer
  • Precision Time Align – Useful for bringing close-miked drums, overhead mics, and room mics into phase alignment
  • Octavox – Delivers 8 voices of diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifting, each voice with individual delay adjustment and pan control
  • Quadravox – Offers 4 voices of diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifting, each voice with individual delay adjustment and pan control
  • Instant Phaser – Simulates the world’s first phaser, heard on Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”
  • Instant Flanger – The plug-in re-creation of one of the first hardware products to faithfully simulate tape flanging
  • Omnipressor – So dubbed because of its unique ability to compress, limit, expand, and dynamically reverse audio; the first dynamics FX unit with side chain functionality
  • H910 – The re-creation of the very first Harmonizer-brand effects processor
  • H910 Dual – Two ganged H910s; capable of jaw-dropping stereo effects
  • H949 – Pitch changing with the world’s first intelligent de-glitching algorithm
  • H949 Dual – Two independent H949 units with cross feedback and stereo width controls
  • H3000 Band Delays – Features 8 voices of tempo-based filtered delays with pan and volume controls
  • H3000 Factory – Based on the ever-popular Factory algorithms from the H3000 and the ultimate effects tool kit
  • Eventide Reverb – Comprised of the best Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chambers, and Ambience from Eventide’s top-of-the-line H8000 hardware processor

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