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Futurephonic – Time Lock for Pigments by Ninesense


Futurephonic – Time Lock for Pigments by Ninesense


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Fresh up from sonic mastermind Ninesense, Time Lock gives us full control over Nuno’s signature sound with 100 meticulously crafted presets that maximise the full potential of Arturia’s powerhouse software synth.

From 3D glitchy sequences to granular textures, immersive pads and speaker-popping leads, this bank has been months in the making and every patch brings the ultra-precise sound design that Ninesense is famous for worldwide.

100 Professional Quality Presets

Time Lock utilises the full potential of the sound engines and modulation possibilities within Pigments 3 to deliver the high-tech texture that Ninesense is known for. Every single preset comes polished and ready to rock.

Explosive Macros

Ninesense is known for his mischievous Full-On sound, but this bank is ready for all kinds of Psychedelic worlds. Time Lock will rip a hole in anything from Psytrance through any high-impact electronic style, even sci-fi cinematic sound design.

Our favourites are the Freeze and Pitch macros which inspired the name.

One Beast of a Synth

With Time Lock, we’re excited to be releasing our first bank for Arturia Pigments 3. This visually stunning, modern softsynth combines additive, subtractive, wavetable and granular synthesis alongside multiple modulation sources, making it perfect for crafting future-focused sounds.

The final stage of development was overseen by our chief producer Alex Story, creator of the legendary original Futurephonic synth banks, to ensure every preset is polished to perfection.

Sounds amazing! What do I get?

  • 100 Arturia Pigments 3 patches designed by Ninesense
    • 14 Arps
    • 10 Atmospheres
    • 4 Bass
    • 15 FX
    • 12 Glitch
    • 14 Leads
    • 9 Pads
    • 22 Sequences

Latest version of Arturia Pigments 3 is required