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Heavyocity Natural Forces Gravity Pack 01

Fall deeper into GRAVITY with GP01: Natural Forces. Inspired by the Earths raw organic frequencies, Heavyocity has combined synthesis, natural ambiences, and resonant object recordings to create a compelling and diverse standalone virtual instrument.

With over 430 additional sound sources, Natural Forces was created for expanse; a must-have for the composer aspiring to take their sound design arsenal to new heights. From evolving pads to harmonic stings and tonal beds, the vital textures of GP01: Natural Forces will breathe life into your next cinematic composition.

Powered by the GRAVITY engine and Heavyocitys signature sound quality, GP01 is a Natural Force to be reckoned with.

Sources of Nature.

Heavyocity has always had a knack for capturing and processing organic sound materials, but GP01: Natural Forces takes it a step beyond. From the thundering roar of the Pacific, to the symphonic lulls of tropical rainfall, Natural Forces is the result of Heavyocitys original field recordings of organic environments from around the world. Plainly put, we put our ears to the ground, so you dont have to.

The award-winning sound designers that brought you GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools have placed the Earths visceral sonic landscapes at your fingertips. What will you do with them?

Resonant Frequencies

Armed with drill bits, singing bowls, dry ice, and electric razors (amongst others), Heavyocity captured the natural resonances and overtones from everyday objects, meticulously combining them into a unique collection of textures.

Broaden the expansive sonic palette of GRAVITY, or start the journey here. Either way, inspiration awaits. Careful manipulation of organic source material and imaginative sound design come together in a lush terrain of possibility with GP01: Natural Forces.

Use of this pack will not require the purchase of GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools.

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  • Kontakt 5.5+
  • 2GB free disc space