Minta Labs – Minta Foundry Guitars, Chapter 1 – Esperandote


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The Esperandote guitar pack is the first chapter of our guitar pack series, brought to you by Al Hug and Faison. It features 214 chords, 20 one shots, 10 guitar loops and 5 sample loops as a tasty bonus. So plenty of sauce for you to play with. The sounds featured in this pack were recorded with vintage ribbon mics, analog preamps, a 1/4″ tape deck, a cassette deck, spring reverb and analog delay.

All chords and shots were created using a beautiful ’59 vintage acoustic nylon string guitar. A variety of different Italian, Spanish and German vintage acoustic guitars from the 50s and 60s were used for the guitar and sample loops.

Licensing Policy: The chords and one shots are royalty free. Guitar & Sample Loops are not royalty free. If you release music using those loops, Al Hug & Faison need to be credited.