Video Milkshake – Waves – Brush Animated Font Pack



The raw look of brushed text created from authentic scans – this Brush Text Animation Pack was scanned frame by frame to capture every groove of ink – while matching perfectly to a digital workflow. Offered in high-quality ProRes 4444, this pack offers one of the most accurate looks on the market for the art-form.

Taking inspiration from street art, these brush designs have a grounded vintage feel for filmmakers looking to add a 90’s look or gritty feel to their music video or commercial project. At Video Milkshake, we wanted to create a letter pack that never forgot it’s heritage – from authentic brush scans on paper to a digital workflow complimenting some of the most sought-after looks of today. This is a Text Animation Pack that will grow with and compliment your own video recipes.

Choose From Over 60 Assets

Developed in stunning Pro-Res 4444 fit in a 1152 x 1152 frame for a clean downscale or tint change without falling apart.

Workflow Ready

Easily drag and drop the pre-keyed animations on your timeline to quickly build your titles with the Pro-Res 4444 files. Mobile-ready files easily blend with “screen” mode in one click for a seamless experience.

Make It Your Own

Match your footage and branding easily. Change the color using simple tools such as “Tint” in Premiere or “Color Generator” in Resolve with a click.

What’s Included?

Pre-Keyed Brush Letters (1152 X 1152 Pro-Res 4444)

  • Letters A-Z (:15 each)
  • Numbers 0-9 (:15 each)
  • Symbols (:15 each)
    • Ampersand
    • Asterisk
    • At
    • Forward and Back Slash
    • Cents
    • Open and Close Brackets
    • Open and Close Parentheses
    • Open and Close Quotes
    • Colon
    • Dash
    • Dollar
    • Equal
    • Euro
    • Exclamation
    • Greater and Less Than
    • Hashtag
    • Percent
    • Period
    • Plus
    • Question


  • PNG stills of entire pack ( 1152 x 1152 )
  • Read Me instructional PDF
  • Mobile-ready HD mp4 versions of each asset