SYFER – 808 Focus Trap Midi Pack

SYFER - 808 Focus Trap Midi Pack

Introducing the 808 FOCUS, a SYFER expansion pack:


Producers! In the modern Trap sound, boring 808s = a boring beat.

At Syferpacks, we provide you with a shortcut to making hit 808 patterns. Build a complete pattern in seconds by mixing and matching our 808 midi fragments, or use it to overcome beat block and find infinite inspiration. Then pair them up with any 808, sub bass, or kick sound of your choice!

Gain a competitive advantage, easily inject your beats with complex rolls and unique bounce. Stand out from the crowd with your new upgraded basslines.

Using midi fragments, there are endless combinations to discover. Each midi pattern you create will be original and unique to you. Say goodbye to beat block, lack of creativity, and overused 808 rhythms.

With a database of 270 808 rolls and patterns of varying complexity, you will have instant inspiration and creativity boosters at your fingertips.

Boost your efficiency and improve your workflow

Download now and take your 808s to the next level.

Kit features:

  • 270 kick/808 rolls and patterns
  • Free Industry Pack with 15+ Essential 808s
  • Compatible with DAWS, samplers, and IOS devices that accept .midi format
  • 100% Royalty Free

No master clearance required.

Although midi format will work with any DAW, we recommend FL Studio 20 for optimal experience.