Frequently Asked Questions

Our plugins are pre-registered or have an existing license that you’ll use to register the product with. These licenses will not expire.

You cannot automatically update the plugins or the license will be revoked. Instead, whenever we get updates we will update the listing and you could download and install the new update.

Preset folders are to be placed here: Tone2\Electra\ElectraX_sounds

If the Omnisphere Bank has an .omnisphere extenstion

  1. Open Omnisphere.
  2. Click the Utility button at the top left.
  3. Install .omnisphere
  4. Choose the .omnisphere file and click “OK” on the prompt message.
  5. The sounds will now be installed under your “Shared” directory.

If the Omnisphere Bank folder has tons of .prt_omn files like this:


1. Move the Omnisphere Bank Folder to Steam/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Patches

2. Open Omnisphere and refresh the database

roo ii 04 3

3. The sounds should now be installed under your “User Directories” directory.

roo ii 02 5

Note: directory remains the same for both Mac and PC.

Here’s a video demonstrating this method:

1. Download all the files provided with the purchased products 

2. Download and install one of these programs:

Keka (Mac)

WinRAR (Windows)

3. Extract only the file with the .zip extension using one of the programs above.


4. It should now merge all the files into one single folder after extracting the .zip file.

Video demonstration:

Drop the preset folder into the following location:

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Output/Thermal/Presets

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Output\Thermal\Presets

Drop the preset folder into the following location:

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Output/Portal/Presets

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Output\Portal\Presets

1. Download parts to the same folder on your computer
navigate to rar file directory
2. Download Keka or WinRar 3. Extract the “part1” file Right-click the “part1” file and choose WinRar> Extract Here. The contents of your download will now be extracted.
Video Instructions:

To extract a .rar file you’ll need the following program:

Keka (Mac)

WinRAR (Windows)