Cryptic - Organica (Drum Kit)
the concept of this kit was to pave a new way of creating & composing by curating sounds that are around us in daily life. explore & discover the beauty of organica by stepping out of the digital world.
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Vagosrose - Riot (Drum Kit)
RIOT creative drumkit is a modern sound pack designed specifically for beatmakers and producers. Inside, you’ll find unique sounds inspired by bass synthesizers, characteristic drum machine rhythms, and processed effects from cult analog equipment. This pack provides endless creative possibilities across various musical genres!
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Jonnywood - Polymedia (Drum Kit)
In an attempt to make this kit as versatile as possible while also maintaining the cohesive nature of all of my previous releases, i’ve put a lot of emphasis on organization and labels with this one.
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Ellis Lost & ProdbyJack - Analog Elements
A sound kit through Synth Palace, Analog Elements is all you need when it comes to achieving the authentic “analog” experience.
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