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$16.00 – Blur Sample Pack


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Smeared, smudged, stained, discolored, and even corrupted – Blur is a sample pack of degraded tones. Every sound was put through a hardware signal chain consisting of magnetic tape, vintage delay circuits, analog distortion, and analog filters for unique flavors of instability, saturation, down sampling, stereo imaging, and noise.

The pack focuses on one-shot chords for use in existing tracks or as starting points, and one-shot tones for use in any hardware or software sampler. Analog synth tones, piano chords, and deep FM synth pads are all included. In addition, there are percussion sounds, noise loops, and chord progressions.

These sounds are noisy, impure, and endlessly deep.

It features:

  • 30 one-shot tones
  • 55 one-shot chords
  • 14 chord progressions
  • 27 one-shot percussion sounds
  • 8 noise loops
  • 6 loops