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Exclusive Access To 300+ Premium Melodies By Our Top Loop Makers

Now more than ever, nothing holds more value for producers in the music industry than high quality melody loops.

And in today’s industry, it’s no secret that most top producers use loops to produce hit records.

But the thing is, the top loop makers in the game normally reserve their best melodies for the industry producers.

So recently we’ve added more than 15+ of these world class loop makers to our team, who each specialize in different styles / genres of loops.

For MAYHEM we put heavy emphasis on creating loops that work best with the subgenres of modern Trap music.

The idea behind MAYHEM is to give you access to the same level of melodies that the top producers are landing placements with.

Not to mention, every sample inside comes with the original stems and MIDI to give you full creative control over every detail.

Licensing rights included:

  • Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
  • Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
  • Placements with major artists
  • All melodies are 100% royalty free

7 Bonuses

BONUS #1 – Anarchy: MIDI Collection

We included a full library of premium MIDI files to help you make your own placement ready melodies from scratch.

Each MIDI was written by the same team of loop makers that created the melodies in the main collection. The MIDI inside this collection was inspired by today’s modern Trap style sound, designed for creating your own loops and producing banger beats.

So whether you want to use the MIDI as is, change the notes around, or study how these loop makers write melodies… the possibilities with these MIDI are nearly endless.

BONUS #2 – Fury: 808 Collection

FURY 808s includes a wide variety of different 808 samples to easily get your low end hitting hard.

Each 808 sample inside was handcrafted by our best sound designers and processed to drive the low end of your tracks with heavy emphasis. Our team of drum designers carefully created 50 high quality 808 samples, upon studying what works best in today’s modern music.

And we ended up essentially recreating and emulating the very best 808 styles for all Hip-Hop subgenres. This includes short punchy 808s, long heavy 808s, and everything in between that you would need to make hard hitting Trap music.

BONUS #3 – Havoc: Drum Kit

High quality drum samples are essential for any producer these days. Havoc includes 150 drum one shots that stack up to modern industry level sound selection.

Each sound was pre-processed to where they are essentially mix-ready right out of the box. So there isn’t much you have to do to get each drum sound to sit in your mix, and deliver on the modern sound of today’s music.

This kit includes punchy kicks, snares & claps that cut through the mix, crisp hi-hats, rim shots, crashes, open hats, and much more. We also included a variety of experimental drum samples, for those who are looking for more of a unique sound with their drums.

BONUS #4 – Pressure: FX Kit

FX samples are extremely crucial in nailing the current sound of industry ready music. They can help drive the illusion of impact within your beats and fill out your mixes, adding tons of energy and character.

We had our top sound designers apply heavy focus to each FX sound in this pack, to help embellish your beats at a placement ready level. This FX kit provides tons of different ambient textures, one shots, risers, impacts, and more!

You can easily splash these sounds throughout your tracks to add a bit more dynamic range and life to your music.

BONUS #5 – Rapture: Hi-Hat Loops & MIDI

One of the most important aspects of modern production is the bounce of your beats, and Hi-Hats are always the driving force behind this. So we put together a collection, with a variety of different bounces and styles of hi-hats to use in your tracks.

Our team has been making beats using the loops from the main collection, and these hi-hat patterns were all extracted directly from these projects.

This includes 125 hi-hat loops with MIDI, that are guaranteed to work perfectly with the main collection of melodies. So whether you want to study how the top producers write industry grade hi-hat bounces, or simply use them as is…

This collection provides an easy way to get your own unique bounce going for any style of track you’re looking to produce.

BONUS #6 – Surge: One Shot Collection

One shots have become super popular in the industry, especially as of late. And our top sound designers spent a ton of time capturing the sound of today’s modern music with each one shot.

This includes a ton of unique sounds to create from, with bells, pads, plucks, keys, leads, and much more. These one shots were processed to deliver on the modern Trap oriented sound, and work extremely well for building banger melodies from the ground up.

All of the one shots inside also synergize extremely well with the MIDI bonus that we include with MAYHEM, so you can easily create a nearly endless supply of your own melodies.

BONUS #7 – 10 FL Studio Premium Project Files

In the past few months, we’ve made hundreds of beats with MAYHEM and our team’s production has leveled up so much.

So we decided to release 10 FL Studio project files for beats we’ve made using MAYHEM.

Because there’s so much to learn when you’re able to dissect and reverse engineer a high level project.

If you want to get all 10 of these project files, they are included as a free bonus for MAYHEM.