Cymatics – VIBES


Cymatics – VIBES



When we created VIBES, we sat down and put ourselves into the mindset of the music listener, and it changed our entire approach for making melodies.

We realized that the one thing the listener truly cares about is how the music makes them feel when it hits their ears.

And what we ended up with is a deeply creative source of colorful and expressive melodies and samples that carry a heavy touch of emotion in every sound.

This creative process included tons of new processing techniques, sound design tricks, live musician sessions, and the most important of all…

We worked with vocalists from around the world to really bring this collection to life.

VIBES comes with melodies, drum one shots, drum loops, FX, vocals and tons more samples that will keep you inspired for years to come.

7 exclusive bonuses included for free

BONUS #1 – Aether: Guitar Melodies

This bonus pack was designed entirely dedicated to lush emotional guitar samples.

Includes guitar samples in the style of: Post Malone, Brent Faiyaz, Drake, Summer Walker, Frank Ocean, and more.

These guitar samples were recorded with some of the best professional guitarists from around the world.

No matter what the vibe is you’re looking for, we included a ton of variety for any type of record you’re looking to create.

BONUS #2 – Genesis: 808’s & Basses

With this pack we wanted to bring you a one stop shop for all of your low end needs.

Inside you’ll find a large variety of bass samples, including reese basses, bass plucks, and some of our best 808s.

All of these are designed to be used in any style of commercial music, including Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop, RnB, Dancehall, and more.

BONUS #3 – Lucid: Vocal Samples

The ‘Lucid’ vocal collection was created to be able to easily bring any song to life.

We worked with vocalists from around the world and used a variety of unique recording and processing techniques to make this pack one of a kind.

And these vocal samples were all recorded and processed in a way for you to be able to add more texture and feeling to your music, to really set yourself apart and stand out.

We included everything from hook phrases that you can build full songs around, to ambient style background vocals that you can splash into your beats.

BONUS #4 – Visions: MIDI Collection

This collection brings you hundreds MIDI files that were inspired by the music of some of the biggest artists in the game such as:

Post Malone, Brent Faiyaz, The Weeknd, Drake, Summer Walker, Frank Ocean, and more.

These MIDI were designed to help you build your own hit records from the ground up and includes hundreds of inspiring melodies.

BONUS #5 – Chroma: Analog Synth One Shots

This collection of synth one shots was put together with everything you would need to build a full melody composition from the ground up.

Everything inside was designed on hardware analog synthesizers, which can be tough for the average producer to get access to.

So we wanted to make it super convenient for everyone to essentially be able to make music as you would using those same hardware synths.

Inside of this pack, we included tons of plucks, leads, pads, keys, bells, and more, all hand designed from our collection of iconic analog synths.

BONUS #6 – Faded: Reverse Melody Loops

This bonus is a collection of reversed melody loops, to give you a more experimental type of sound to work with.

These are all pre-chopped and processed to give you some very unique sounds when it comes to your production.

Inside you’ll find reverse melody loops that were designed with an emotion driven sound, in addition to the loops, we’ve also included some reverse style “ear candy” elements to sprinkle into your tracks.

So whether you want to create a full reversed melody record, or just add in a few little reversed chops to a track, this bonus has everything you’ll need to do so.

BONUS #7 – Textures: Fx & Ambience

This pack was designed to give you a variety of filler elements that add those unique dynamic textures to your music.

These samples are all designed to give you that “ear candy” for any style of track you’re looking to create.

Whether it’s a rhythmic percussive type of texture or an ambient melodic texture, we included a ton of different sounds in this pack to help bring your records to life.

These are great for taking a track that may sound like it’s missing something, and bringing it to that final stage where you feel like it’s all together and finished.

Size ~29.5 GB