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Gami & Fiori – Colors Vol. 1 (One Shot Kit)


Gami & Fiori – Colors Vol. 1 (One Shot Kit)


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The Colors One Shot Kit is made to inspire you.

With over 680 one shots inside you wont have any issues finding your next sound.

All one shots are recorded with real instruments or are designs from scratch. As a final touch, they are all run through various pieces of Fiori’s analog gear. This one shot kit is truly one of a kind! In conclusion, whether you are a composer, beatmaker, or sound designer you will definitely find some new favorite go-to sounds inside.

Included in this one shot kit are:

108 Analog Synths
51 Bass
38 Keys
65 Mallets / Tonal Percussions
26 Eccentric Sounds
17 Unique Textures
21 Woodwinds
69 Strings
39 Vox
69 Atmospheric FX
72 Percs
26 Brass
50 Chops
10 Drones
19 Synth Accents

Save time and energy..

  • One shot kits are great for reducing CPU and RAM usage on your machines
  • This kit is easily imported into your favorite samplers and VSTS for further inspiration. We recommend loading them into VSTs like Serum, Omnisphere, ElectraX, or your DAW’s native samplers.
  • Quickly swap through sounds to find the right sound for your composition. Sounds inside the one shot kit are organized and sorted for easy access.
  • Finally, add your favorite FX to bring them to life! However, many sounds inside this kit sound great on their own too.

Upgrade your sound today.

The Colors Vol. 1 One Shot Kit is truly versatile. For example, layer a few sounds at a time to get depth and new textures. All the sounds contained in this kit have enough of a tail to sound ok dry, but also sound great with your favorite FX chains. If you need a sound to be shorter, it’s simple enough to shorten the tail or create an ADSR envelope in your sampler. Need one to be longer? Try finding a loop point and creating a loop region, or use a granular synthesizer like Pigments or Omnisphere to stretch it out into a gritty pad. In FL’s sampler you can set them to stretch mode with good success on many instruments. some of the other stretch modes sound cool too..