Kits Kreme – MIDI Melody Collection


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Kits Kreme - MIDI Melody Collection + + NAT08 - Xivar (Multi Kit)
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A Diverse Selection:

This extensive collection is a collaboration between three producers who have various backgrounds in music. As a result, this pack features a large variety of styles and ideas.

This collection doesn’t feature thousands of MIDIs that only differ in slight chord flips. Every file is profoundly unique. No two MIDIs sound alike, each loop truly represents a fresh new idea.


These MIDI melodies will fit effortlessly into the following genres: Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Trap, & Lo-fi.

Don’t Sound Like a Robot:

Each MIDI loop features velocity shifting MIDI notes, which capture the slight imperfections of live performance.

Thank Us Later:

205 MIDI Melody Loops = 205 potential songs. Whether you’re trying to meet a deadline or simply lacking inspiration. Whatever the case may be, sparking inspiration for your next project is only a few drag and drops away. Your next viral beat could lie inside one of these MIDI loops. The next billboard climbing song could lie inside one of these MIDI loops. The possibilities are endless.