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Kount Drums Volume 6


Kount Drums Volume 6


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Passion, patience, craftsmanship

Drums, played by human hands and processed using timeless machines

Analog and digital, in seamless alignment

Presenting Kount Drums Vol. 6: The foundation for your creations.

Pummeling kicks, snappy snares, dusty hi-hats, and drum loops that you can’t get anywhere else.

Over my fifteen-year journey creating music, I’ve worked hard to develop some of the most sought after drums in the industry, used by Madlib, Jake One, Timbaland, Nottz, Bink, No ID, Illmind and thousands more. This kit, two years in the making, is my best yet.

Produce your vision with Kount Drums Vol. 6


  • 40 Drum Loops
  • 24 Percussion Loops
  • 16 Kicks
  • 18 Snares
  • 9 Hihats
  • 11 Bonus Sounds