Lukki – Drum Demon 2 (Multi Kit)


Lukki – Drum Demon 2 (Multi Kit)



DRUM DEMON II is a mega-kit for anyone who wants to make industry level beats. It has been used by billboard charting producers as well as beginners who are just making their first beat.

We made this kit to be an industry standard go-to without limiting the sounds to a specific style. You can make just about any genre with these sounds and never have to worry about your beats sounding too similar to each other because of how wide the selection of sounds is.

Here’s what you get:

Drum Demon 2 Drum Kit

  • 150+ High Quality Drum Sounds And Perc Loops

Voltage Vol. I, II & III Portal Banks:

  • 75 Portal Presets

Wraith Vol. I Sample Pack:

  • 15 Royalty Free Samples

Nemesis Vol. I Drum MIDI Kit:

  • 50 Hihat MIDI’s
  • 15 Snare MIDI’s

2 FL Studio Presets:

  • Sample Master Chain to enhance the overall quality of samples you make & add vintage FX
  • Standard Master Chain to enhance your beat mixes and make your beats hit harder

Trap Theory PDF Guides:

  • Hihat sauce (In depth hihat lesson that covers how to make incredible hihat patterns)
  • Drum Sauce (Covers a wide range of tips for getting your drums to hit perfect every time)
  • Portal Sauce (Includes all the information you need on how to use the “Voltage” portal presets to their maximum potential)
  • Included with these guides is a list of recommended VST’s, VST banks, Plugins & Oneshot Kits