MOONBOY – Chaos Production Suite



I’ve spent day and night experimenting with new sounds & techniques – aiming to create a whole new library of sounds for Bass Music that are not only just the most popular but also sounds that have NEVER been done before!

With the next wave of Bass Music in mind, I’ve created the most powerful tools to make massive productions in ALL STYLES!

This is the ultimate collection of High Quality Presets, Tools, & Sounds for Dubstep, Bass House, Drum & Bass, and Trap!

Not only will owning CHAOS give you access to tools to make the most INSANE Dubstep. It will also help you innovate and create a whole new sound to ANY Genre & Style you create!

CHAOS contains HUGE library of sounds & presets that will instantly bring a NEW sound & innovate new ideas in your productions.

You will find High Quality sounds & loops as well as incredible bonuses! From the most ground shaking Synths Presets to Powerful Drums, to Heavy Metal Vocals & Instruments! There is no limit to what you can create with CHAOS!

Learn professional sound design techniques by reverse engineering these presets & project files.

BONUS #1 – Poison For Xfer Serum

Over 80 Professional Presets at your fingertips.

Through years of experience in bass music & multiple dubstep hits, I’ve created a collection of Presets that bring energy! Innovative techniques made for the Festival Main Stages!

BONUS #2 – Rage: Heavy Metal Sample Pack

Harness the Power of REAL Heavy Metal!

I’ve built a team of Talented musicians to create the most INSANE pack for Bass Music!

Made with EDM in mind, these samples are ready to use to immediately give your song HEADBANG energy!

  • Real Heavy Metal Acoustic Drums
  • Real Guitar Riffs & Samples
  • Real Heavy Metal Vocals & Screams!

The power of a FULL Heavy Metal Band at your finger tips!

BONUS #3 – Terror: Heavy Bass Sample Pack

Since the beginning of Bass Music, having a catchy gnarly Synth in the drop has been the most fun & sought after element in Electronic Music!

Inside TERROR you will find the most dirty yet satisfying Bass Synths out there in the world!

Using new modern 2022 techniques, you will have access to sounds unheard of before and will be able to stand out from the crowd!

I’ve hired a team of talented sound designers: Nasko, Agony, Outrage, & more to help me build the most CRAZY sounds to date.

Inspired by the amazing producers such as Marauda, Excision, Zomboy, & more!

Fully Customizable and ready to be layered to create new Basses to your liking! Immediately catch the attention of any listener!

Make the crowd go CRAZY with these insane sounds!

BONUS #4 – Sinister: for Serum FX

The Most Unique and powerful FX Plugins using Xfer Serum FX!

Inside you will find amazing FX such as

  • PHAT RACK: Maximize the qualities in ANY sound!
  • HOVER: Immediately Create Vocal Chops & Volume Shaping!
  • PADIFY: Instant Pads using ANY sound with clean results!
  • DYN-NOISE: Dynamically Add Noise to any sound!
  • DYN-DELAY: Dynamically Add Delay to any sound!
  • DYN-REVERB: Dynamically Add Reverb to any sound!
  • 3-BAND SATURATE: Add controlled Saturation to any sound!
  • VOCAL RACK: Professional processing for vocals!

BONUS #5 – Vicious: Drums For Dubstep

Having strong & clean drums is one of the most important elements in Bass Music.

Through years of studying heavy bass music I’ve created the most EPIC heavy drums!

Vicious Drum Samples gives you a full range of Drums to stand out from the crowd and punch through speakers in the most satisfying way!

Simply Drag and drop, and you will have drums that punch through the mix!

Compatible with Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Bass House, Trap & Even Mid-Tempo!