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Producergrind – Prism Premium Drum Kit


Producergrind – Prism Premium Drum Kit


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Legends like Metro Boomin, Mike Dean, and Kanye have dropped over $100,000 on vintage gear to craft their iconic sounds.

Inspired by this, we started loading up on analog samplers and pedals for some groundbreaking drum processing. We even grabbed an old MPC 2000XL and 500, and the results are mind-blowing.

Our drums, especially kicks, snares, and 808s, have never hit harder!

Sadly, this level of gear is out of reach for most up-and-coming producers, with industry giants investing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But here’s the exciting part: we’re leveling the playing field. You no longer need to break the bank or spend ages learning the ropes.

We are excited to bring you PRISM, our massive new drum kit (380 drums) infused with all that vintage goodness. It’s more than just a kit; it’s an entire drum bundle complete with MIDI, drum loops, FX, a sub bass collection, and some extra surprises:

Subliminal Bass Kit

It’s no secret that it’s the low end that makes or breaks a beat. While your 808 selection is well taken care of within PRISM itself, we knew it’d be equally important to supply you with a folder of signature analog Bass One Shots for those breakdown sections.

SUBLIMINAL contains 50 fresh and modern basses to keep the left side of your frequency spectrum tight and powerful.

Style Drum Midi Kit

Everyone works different, and we’re here to support all types of workflows. Whether it’s for making beats quickly or learning new techniques, MIDI loops have carved out a lightweight space in the producer’s toolkit.

STYLE contains 25 Hihat MIDI and 25 808 MIDI, along with their .WAV equivalents. Our team designed and selected MIDI patterns that we anticipate becoming or remaining fundamental to 2024’s beat landscape.

Twitch Percussion Loops

When it comes to drum bounce, the undisclosed hero is more often than not the Percussion section. These micro transients come in all tones and textures, and a tasteful addition can instantly turn a mid beat into a veteran-sounding track.TWITCH is a fresh 50 pack of Percussion Loops, chopped and labeled with BPM so you can easily time it into any project.

Pent-up Drum Loop Collection

Producers are waking up to the game-changing power that drum loops hold. Whether it’s dissecting them for education, creatively flipping them like melody samples, or dropping them straight into a project, Drum Loops offer unparalleled versatility.

PENT-UP is a treasure trove of 30 professional Drum Loops, 273 individual stems, and 30 go-to Drum Fills. Your beats are about to sound tighter than ever.

Notice Fx Collection

“FX” – Essential ear candy for engaging your audience and the artists who’ll bring your tracks to life. These sounds and textures are key ingredients to making pro-level beats with a power to captivate.

NOTICE is our most expansive FX pack to date, featuring a collection of 50 Textures, 50 Vocal FX, and 50 Various FX. With this arsenal there’s absolutely nothing standing between you and crafting beats that make a mark.

Kit Breakdown:

  • PRISM Premium Drum Kit – 380 Drums (808s, Claps, HiHats, Kicks, Percs, Rims, Snares)
  • SUBLIMINAL Bass Kit – 50 Bass
  • STYLE Drum MIDI Kit – 25 Hihat MIDI, 25 808 MIDI, and their .WAV equivalents
  • TWITCH Percussion Loops – 50 Perc Loops
  • PENT-UP Drum Loop Collection – 30 Drum Loops + stems, 30 Drum Fills
  • NOTICE FX Collection – 150 FX

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