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Render Audio – Prisms 4 Omega Edition


Render Audio – Prisms 4 Omega Edition


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Ready for Twice the Adventure ?

“Prisms™ 4 Omega Edition” is 1/2 of the fourth and largest installment to our critically acclaimed and best-selling expansion suites for Ripchord and Scaler 2.

With our 4th release we wanted to go bigger than big and provide way more exciting genres for you to explore. The result was so BIG that we had split this release into 2 different versions.

Presenting Prisms™ “Alpha” and “Omega”. With “Alpha” covering the lighter side of musical genres and “Omega” covering the darker side of them.

“Omega” contains 48 Banks. 48 Chords and 12 Progressions Per Bank in the styles of :

  • Dark
  • Emotional
  • Dramatic (New)
  • Japanese (New)
  • Trap
  • Ethereal (New)
  • Wave (New)

Explore a vast array of infinite chord progressions and humanized strumming with the press of finger. Instant inspiration guaranteed.

Are you Team Alpha or Team Omega ?