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Tokyo Heartbreak is a fully custom preset bank that perfectly blends aggressive trap music with otherworldly melodic and quirky textures. Drawing inspiration from the colorful sound of Lil Uzi Vert, this bank covers a wide spectrum of unique trap and melodic presets that will not be found anywhere else. The thing that makes this bank special is that it not only flawlessly provides all the smooth and soft sounds needed for melodic chord progressions, but is also stacked with quirky, hard and experimental sounds that will turn any plain chord progression into a unique and special vibe.

Lil Uzi Vert collaborates with a lot of different producers including Maaly Raw, Don Cannon, Metro Boomin, TM88, 808 Mafia, Pi’erre Bourne, Zaytoven, Fki 1st, and more. This all-star list of collaborators gave our sound designers a ton of inspiration and dope sounds to work with, allowing them to deliver a bit of the best of each producer, while also being able to create a ton of new sounds that are fresh and have never been used anywhere else! This bank is stacked with everything from wall bending 808’s to the smoothest, fluid pads so finding inspiration is never more than a click away.

Everything in the bank is also labeled and organized by category, allowing you to quickly and easily find the right sound for the moment. On top of that, custom Wavetables and custom Noises guarantee this bank will sound nothing like any other products out there. Simply put, this bank is an innovative and fresh blend of 2018’s hottest trap sounds and what melodic trap will sound like in 2028!

This Bank Includes:

808 Sub Bass
Atmospheric Pads
Chord Hits
Groove Bass
Motion Pads
Synth Bass

Serum VST Required (Version 1.092 or Newer)