– Tape Haze 5 Sample Pack

$16.00 – Tape Haze 5 Sample Pack



Unstable, unclean, and heavily mangled – Tape Haze 5 is a collection of 107 tape-drenched WAVs. The sounds have been heavily processed via tape splicing, pitch-shifting, generative techniques, and analog saturation – to push the tone shaping magic of cassette tape to its limits. Expect pitch modulation, tape noise, drop outs, stereo imaging, filtering, and distortion.

This pack blurs the usual divisions; the tones might also be loops, chords might also be melodies, loops might also be soundscapes. These sounds are textural and unpredictable, inviting you to dissect and dismantle them.

TH5 features:

  • 20 one-shot tones
  • 41 chords
  • 24 melodies
  • 14 percussion loops
  • 8 one-shot kick drums