Simbo – Tresor (Multi Kit)


TRÉSOR – a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects

These are all my values packed in this kit. I’ve spent a long time crafting this kit giving you the best sounds. Trésor comes with one shots to help upgrade your sound selection to the next level, MIDIs to speed up you’re sample process, vocals to give your samples a little touch, vocal processing chains so you can capture the feeling and make your vocals a part of your production, and samples to give you inspiration.

Over the years I’ve been in rooms with Grammy award-winning producers and sample makers, and packed what I’ve learned into this kit for you to use in your productions.


  • 20+ MIDI
  • 50+ One Shots
  • 12 Samples
  • 7 Vocal Presets for Ableton and FL Studio