Syfer & MikeFuego – Ultimate Supertrap Bundle


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Syfer & MikeFuego – Ultimate Supertrap Bundle



Supertrap, defined by highly complex drum patterns, means creating authentic SUPERTRAP drum patterns can be an intimidating task. But with our revolutionary MIDI Pack, we’ve made this challenge a breeze.

Introducing SYFER ‘Midi Fragments’, individual drum rolls that act as building blocks to create instant patterns. Our Midi Pack offers infinite possibilities and combinations, ensuring each drum pattern you create is unique, original, and distinctly yours.

Working seamlessly like a plugin, the Midi Pack exploits the ‘blending’ function of FL to stack midis together, providing an innovative workflow like no other. Welcome to your ultimate beat-making companion.

Mix and match 1120+ ready-made midi fragments to build your perfect SUPERTRAP pattern INSTANTLY (so you don’t need to waste years going through trial and error)

4 Exclusive Bonuses Included For Free

  • Supertrap 300+ Drum Kit
  • Syfer Fragments Pack
  • Supertrap 50+ Melody Kit
  • Supertrap 50+ Melody Midi Kit

This 100% Royalty-Free Production Suite Contains:

  • 50 Royalty-Free Melody Samples
  • 339 Individual Stems
  • 50 Premium Melody MIDIs
  • 420 SYFER Hi-Hat MIDI Fragments
  • 198 SYFER 808 MIDIs
  • 107 SYFER Open Hat MIDIs
  • 201 SYFER Snare Roll MIDIs
  • 111 SYFER Kick Starter MIDIs
  • 104 SYFER Snare Starter MIDIs
  • 300 Exclusive SUPERTRAP Drum Shots
  • 420 WAV Fragments with added FX
  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow