Omega Music Library – Vol. 11


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Omega Music Library returns with a new collection of 10 melodic masterpieces dripped in late 70s Japanese jazz-funk vibes. The 11th installment aptly titled “Dark Matter” is soulful, cosmic, and melancholic as ever; and teeming with nostalgic, luxurious, uplifting, and dark vintage analogue synth compositions backed by live guitar and bass. Composed exclusively by Marcus Marino and Gerson Zaragoza, this pack showcases the duo’s trademark sound and solidifies the beginning of a new era in the Omega Music Library catalogue.

All tracks were mastered through an Ampex 440b reel-to-reel tape machine for added analogue warmth and vintage character. (Special thanks to Polyphonic Music Library)


  • 10 Original Compositions
  • Stems Included
  • Marked with the session’s BPM

Sample clearance is guaranteed (see license agreement)